Learning the Essentials of Butt Plug Use

Learning the Essentials of Butt Plug Use

Butt plug (anal plug) is a small sex toy, usually with a limiter at the end. Used during intimate games and anal sex. Anal stimulator affects the nerve fibers of the anal passage, causing excitement, promotes blood flow, improving blood circulation.

How to use anal plug?

Preparing for anal sex – methodically massaging the anus with an anal plug, richly coated with lubricant. When the butt plug comes in without discomfort, you should start anal sex. Here are some ways: – Slow preparation for anal sex – butt plug or anal stimulator is worn during the day or a couple of hours – the partner adapt to the foreign body, the muscles of the anus get used to the large size.

To arouse interest with a small anal plug, gradually caress the anus or partner (partner) causing pleasant sensations and moral preparation for anal sex. – Phased penetration – a few drops of grease on the cork and anus, and a gentle dive inside. Fix the result – if after developing the anus anal sex for various reasons had to be postponed, it is enough to save the plug, the anal plug inside for further continuation. You can also consider Why would someone want USB butt plug?

What is anal plug for?

Double stimulation is both vaginal (with the help of a dildo or penis) and anal. Because of the cork filling the anus, both partners will feel, the vagina becomes narrower, which will increase the sensations and sense of orgasm. Especially bright sensations will give anal vibrator (imitation of two partners at the same time).

Stimulation of the prostate – men who at least once experienced anal stimulation, will not refuse it: a bright saturated orgasm, a quick erection, filling the penis with blood more strongly, as a result of which it slightly increases in size. Butt plugs for women and men are almost identical; many couples liked the anal plug so much that they use them in traditional sex together.

The narrowing of the vagina – in view of the physiological characteristics of women, after giving birth, some couples get less pleasure from sex because of the large distance between the walls of the vagina. Butt plug at the expense of the filled walls of the anal passage will allow narrowing the vagina. With long-term wearing and holding the cork, it is recommended to wear thongs; their strip will ideally squeeze the anal plug preventing it from falling out. We have models with a convenient base and holder, made of elastic, but not hard materials. It is the plug cone that relaxes the muscles as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Some plugs are exciting decorative function, made in the form of a playful tail – butt plug with a tail (for BDSM).

Why else need butt plug

Prevention of hemorrhoids – the anal muscle is in tone, become more elastic, exercises with anal plug help to improve blood circulation, relieve from blood stasis and hemorrhoids. Reduction of pain in prostate. Erotic massage of the prostate gland reduces discomfort, normalizes spermatogenesis. You see, buying an anal plug is a very important thing in the household for couples of different orientations and ages. Buy a butt plug in our sex shop Oasis of Love, you will get a quality sex toy and at the same time a healing device that will deal with the prevention of hemorrhoids and prostatitis.

What are butt plugs? Features of choice and technique of use

Erotic sex toys make a variety of intimate life, allow partners to open up, and get to know each other more deeply. Butt plugs are popular devices for sex games. They are universal, suitable for beginners, people experienced in sex. Why do you need butt plug? What is it, how to use it? We will understand in detail.

What is butt plug?

A plug (English butt plug) or butt plug was invented by Frank Young in 1892, used to treat hemorrhoids. Rectal dilators were considered a medical device, were popular in the United States and European countries.

The first products were intended, as well as modern analogues, for men and women. It was 12 cm long, was introduced into the anal using a lubricant.

At first they were actively sold, advertised in prestigious magazines, but since 1938 they have become unfair advertising and were banned.

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For what purposes use

What women need butt plug? It helps to train the sphincter muscles to control the force of contraction, relaxation. This will enhance the feelings of both partners during sex; due to the maximum compression of the penis will give an unforgettable bright orgasm. On the other hand – will be the prevention of hemorrhoids after childbirth, operations, due to age-related weakening of the muscles of the anus, the rectum.

If the vagina of girls, women are too stretched, a vaginal plug, which is used in conjunction with the plugs, will help narrow it. It also creates an imitation of double penetration, enhances the sensation by compressing the walls of the vagina, rectum. For additional stimulation, special vibrating devices are often used.

Why does a man need an erotic toy?

Regular use in combination with prostate massagers will be an excellent prevention of prostatitis. Usually, massaging is done with a finger, but it is much more pleasant and efficient to use an accessory that is slightly curved at the end. He will help, even if prostatitis on the face. Regular use will ease pain, relieve painful attacks, and improve spermatogenesis, general well-being.

Sex toy is considered the prevention of hemorrhoids. Stimulation of the sphincter, the rectum activates the blood circulation of problem areas, eliminates stagnation. If you already have hemorrhoids, check with your doctor before buying, inserting the plug.

  • Wearing cork will be a good workout before anal sex. For these purposes, it is better to buy a set where there are samples of different sizes and diameters. At first, they use the smallest ones, as they workout, they change them to big ones. When you can safely take the biggest, it’s time to start anal sex in practice.

The use of sex toys is justified if there is no partner for engaging in anal sex. They are selected on the basis of fitness anus, pursued goals. The assortment of sex shops also has dual massagers. They are convenient for pair anal sex.

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