5 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Anal Sex

5 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Anal Sex

In women, the fear of practicing anal sex appears long before there is a real opportunity to try it. Often this is due to the fact that men, demanding a variety of either, simply put forward their demands, which frighten the girls away, after which a complex and unwillingness to participate in the implementation of the proposal appears in their brain. If such a contact is offered by the lady herself, the men need only move forward, since the first barrier is psychological, his mistress has already overcome.

What you need to know?

Before embarking on such sexual contact should be prepared, find out the basic rules, as well as recommendations:

  1. The main rule of preparation for women is an emptying of the intestines shortly before the expected time of ìXî or undergoing a cleansing enema procedure. This will make you feel more confident, and will not cause discomfort for both partners.
  2. Before the anal coitus, it is necessary to slightly widen the narrow rear opening, especially if this is your first contact. Your fingers and your tongue will help in this process. It is especially important not to forget about the preliminary caresses. Your girl should be exhausted from desire: only so she will agree to an unusual experience and will be pleased with it.
  3. Do not neglect the use of a special lubricant, especially with a slight anesthetic effect. It will help prepare the ass for further events, as well as reduce possible pain.
  4. Your partner will be satisfied in the case when she is most relaxed and ready for new adventures.
  5. Male sexual organ should be introduced slowly, no more than 1-2 cm with alternation of “fading.” The partner should gradually get used to the new type of coitus.
  6. Discuss the moment in advance about when you will stop, i.e. under what circumstances you will stop and will no longer continue what you have begun.
  7. The representatives of the fair sex in the first unconventional acts often have a feeling of the necessity of emptying the intestines. It is false if you have carefully prepared in advance. With increasing practical experience, such an unpleasant feeling will go away.

Remember! Under no circumstances mix up unconventional and classic sex with alternate penetration, as there is a high risk of getting an unpleasant disease.

What devices will be useful to you?

Extras during sex add spice to the process, as well as the novelty of sensations. So, for example, in favor of the use of toys during anal sex, say the following factors:

  • Stimulation of the anus is enjoyed by almost everyone, regardless of gender, age and sexual preferences. For this you can use Temperature playing heating and chilling butt plug.
  • Special toys will help to cope with the problem of mismatch of the genitals of the partner. For example, some women after childbirth weaken the walls of the vagina, which deprives both partners of the past bright emotions from bed comfort. The problem is completely solved even by improvised means. For example, the use of anal plug will expand the anus, due to which the vagina will narrow, giving a wonderful orgasm.
  • The introduction of the penis into the anus is extremely difficult and often painful, if not prepared for this in advance. Lack of proper preparation can even lead to injury to the rectum.

The most common toys are:

  • Vibrating massager: designed specifically for the area of ??the anus, as evidenced by the shape and size of the specified unit and its perfect slip. Remember! It is not safe to leave the massager without attention, since it can penetrate deeper from vibrations than you would like;
  • Dilators can be of various sizes, which help to prepare the anus for coitus gradually and painlessly. The handle will not allow it to plunge too far, and also will allow holding easily a subject for implementation of necessary manipulations;
  • Inflatable exercise machines with a pear . Due to the small size, they are very easily located in the right place without discomfort, and then, by mechanical action on the pear, inflate and gradually widen the passage;
  • Balls and chains are an oblong object with balls of different diameters strung on a thread. Already only their gradual immersion causes a lot of pleasant emotions poured over the body, not to mention stepwise or abrupt extraction, which in brightness will cause absolutely not identical feelings in your partner.

Usage tips

  1. Before first use, be sure to wash the object with soap and, if possible, in warm water, then treat with an antiseptic.
  2. Before using the item, check for defects: roughness, burrs, irregularities. This safety rule will help prevent injury.
  3. For hygienic reasons, use a condom.
  4. Use only certified lubricant.
  5. After use, be sure to wash the product with warm water and soap.

This article from Cosmopolitan talks about 23 best butt plugs.

Why do you need butt plug – appointment and types

Many of the couples love to have anal sex. This is one of the most excellent lovemaking that brings real pleasure to even the process itself. Surely, each of us heard about the device, which is called butt plug. To date, there are many devices in this series that can not only help you enjoy yourself, but also perfectly strengthen the muscles of the anus. Jeweled butt plug is one of them and there is more to them than just their fancy looks. To learn more about it, read full article here.

Almost always, these plugs are used for ordinary purposes, most often it is to prepare the anal passage for sex, to simulate double penetration, besides the device is actively used by men, so it is possible to massage the prostate. Therefore, before using this device, a person must clearly know what effect he wants to get, respectively, the form and material will depend on it, you can purchase anal plugs online where a large range of this product is available.

If you decide to prepare your anus for sex, then as a rule you will approach the device made with silicone, rubber and other soft materials. The cork must be inserted for a few seconds in order for the anus to become accustomed to a non-resident body, with the cork inserted it is necessary to try to contract the muscles several times for a minute. Repeat for about 15 minutes, so the muscles can get used to. Quite often the anal muscles are constantly compressed, especially when it comes to introducing something into them. So, you can immediately feel the pain, thanks to the traffic jam, you can eliminate all this.

As for the imitation of double penetration, then it is better to acquire corks that mimic a normal penis, and which consist of natural materials. Thanks to this device, the vagina narrows, with a full impact on the reflex zones, where all the nerve endings are collected. In addition, thanks to the cork, there is a complete enhancement of sensations, since the vagina is narrowed.

For men who need prostate massage, this plug will be an indispensable tool, you just need to use it correctly, which can be found on the box from her.